Who Is Behind News Break App?

There are other Chinese-inspired digital media apps that are popular in the United States besides TikTok. Although it may also refer to someone whose only ethnicity is “American,” the term “American” normally refers to a resident or citizen of the United States. When intended to have a geographical connotation, the word is seldom used in English to refer to individuals who are not citizens of the United States. American_, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki (word) According to Wikipedia, “American” Jeff Zheng, a veteran of Chinese journalism, launched News Break, a news app that includes offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Seattle, and Mountain View.

Similarly, Who are the owners of NewsBreak?

The CEO and Co-Founder of NewsBreak is Jeff Zheng.

Also, it is asked, Is NewsBreak a good app?

The consumer rating for News Break is 1.47 stars out of 34 reviews, which shows that most consumers are often unsatisfied with their purchases. Customers who criticize News Break most commonly bring up issues with black people. In terms of Business News websites, News Break is ranked 120.

Secondly, What kind of app is NewsBreak?

app for local news

Also, How do I get rid of NewsBreak?

Remove Newsbreak.com alerts and pop-ups on Android: Select Settings. Select Notifications & Apps => Apps. Click on Notifications. Disable Newsbreak.com by finding it in the list.

People also ask, Is News Break Chinese?

It is owned by Particle Media, a parent business established in 2015, with headquarters in Mountain View, California, and operations in Seattle, Beijing, and Shanghai. Chinese businesspeople and technologists with vast expertise in both the United States and China are in charge of News Break.

Related Questions and Answers

Can you make money on Newsbreak?

You must sign up for the Newsbreak Partner program in order to earn money writing for Newsbreak. For three months, you’ll get a retainer of $1000. When you sign up for the Newsbreak partner program, you may also earn money from app installations and artists who sign up via your link.

Why is Newsbreak on my phone?

1. It’s bloatware from the phone that was either installed by LG or your carrier. 2. The Stylo 3 received bloatware as part of a recent system upgrade, although this is doubtful given how old the device is and how long it has presumably been since an official update.

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What is the best news app?

2022’s Top 15 News Apps Yahoo News On iPhones and Android smartphones, the Google News and Weather app may now be downloaded for free. Windows News. Microsoft News, formerly MSN News, is simple to use and provides rapid access to the news you need. The Times of New York. Feedly. Reuters. economic climate Inoreader.

Who is particle media?

Application development is done by Particle Media, Inc. The business delivers news applications with offline access, tailored information, stories, local news, news digests, and articles. Worldwide clients are served by Particle Media.

Who owns Smart news?

Sarkis, Chamsy

What is the best free news app for iPhone?

iPhone’s top ten news applications Free is Flipboard. For iPhone, use Flipboard. Free Zite. for iPhone, Zite. Free CNN mobile app. The CNN iPhone app (International edition) Free Breaking News. iPhone breaking news. Free Pulse. iPhone app Pulse Free AP Mobile. For iPhone, use AP Mobile. Free Zinio. Free StumbleUpon.

How do I stop NewsBreak pop ups?

Click News settings. Tap Notifications from the “Alerts” menu. Select “Get alerts” to enable them. Turning off Get notifications will disable all notifications.

How do I get rid of Samsung breaking news?

To begin, long-tap the notice. There need to be a toggle for the app’s notifications shown as a result. Alternatively, you might press “all categories” to see the Settings’ setup page. There, you can choose to turn off all notifications or just certain kinds of alerts.

How do I get rid of news Home app?

Step-by-step guidelines: On your smartphone, go to Settings. Click on Apps. Locate and choose the program you wish to uninstall. Click Uninstall. Hit OK.

Who runs particle media?

Zheng Jeff

What is SmartNews app?

More than 50 million people in 150+ countries have downloaded the award-winning local news app SmartNews! Every day, SmartNews analyzes millions of articles to present the most popular news items that are now affecting the globe. News from Every Angle!

How do I contact the Newsbreak app?

Contact us at [email protected] Phone: (650) 282-5619

Join NewsBreak’s expanding local news community and discover why over 45M Americans have helped us become the top local news app in the country!

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How do you get followers on NewsBreak?

How to Get 500+ Followers on News Break in Five Easy Steps Employ the Widget. Although it should be evident, many News Break Creators are unaware of it. Request Followers. Sometimes all it takes to get followers is to ask. Release a series. Write on many platforms. Offer a valuable item.

How do you get a story on local news?

How to Get Your Story Covered in the Media assemble a focused media list. Sometimes it’s great to start small and work your way up. discover the ideal reporters. The subject at hand has probably previously been covered by someone. Create a press kit for journalists and media personnel. Your News Hook is Here. Make a plan.

How do I get rid of Google News?

Google Feed settings for Android TapApps” on the Home screen. Select “Google.” In the upper-left corner, click the “Menu” button. Choose “Settings.” Select “Your feed.” Set the screen’s settings as desired: Updates might appear in the notification area or not depending on the “Notifications” configuration.

Are there any real news apps?

Internet News However, the Google News app works on iOS devices as well. You’ll probably feel at home using Google’s news app if you currently depend on the headlines from the “News” section of the search engine’s desktop version. Anyone can use Google News for free when they have a Google account.

Which free news app is best?

optimum news apps Apple News offers access to the best news articles at a reasonable price. Google News offers a huge selection of free content. Flipboard for a news app that is individually selected. Using Ground News to detect political bias For a comprehensive news app without paywalls, try NewsBreak. For a video news app, use Yahoo News.

Are Inshorts biased?

In truth, Inshorts is a very biased software.

What does news break mean?

a story-worthy occurrence or incident

What is Particlenews?

The most recent information on all the sports, entertainment, lifestyle, financial, and other issues that interest you is provided by Particle News.

Is SmartNews part of Google?

To provide trending news on Android devices at the perfect time, SmartNews has joined the Google Apps Now Third-Party Platform. Summary: A launch partner for Now cards in the Google app is SmartNews, the top-rated news app in both Japan and the United States on Google Play.

  What Is Smart News App On Android?

Who is the CEO of SmartNews?

Chairman Ken Suzuki

How does SmartNews make money?

Inline advertising that displays inside pre-selected channels is how SmartNews generates revenue (not inside individual stories). SmartNews is easy to set up. Only the publisher’s RSS feed is required. After then, a dashboard for analytics is made available to them.

What app is better than Apple News?

For a range of platforms, including online / web-based, Android, iPhone, iPad, and Windows, there are more than 100 alternatives to Apple News. Feedly, which is free, is the ideal substitute. Inoreader, QuiteRSS, Tiny Tiny RSS, and Flipboard are additional excellent alternatives to Apple News.

Is the CNN app free?

Although the CNN streaming app is free, in order to access the network online, you must have a cable subscription and login. CNN does not provide a free app for everyone, just as many other applications do, like HBO Go.

What news app comes with iPhone?

The News app compiles all the articles you want to read, from your preferred sources, on the subjects you find most fascinating. You may customize News by selecting from a variety of publications (referred to as channels) and subjects like Entertainment, Food, and Science. Use of News requires a Wi-Fi or cellular connection.

How do I get rid of Newsbreak app on Android?

Instead, you can see “Apps & Notifications.” The News Break app may be found. To locate it, you may need to scroll down. Click Uninstall.


The “News Break App” is a news app that was released on the Google Play Store. The app is free and has been downloaded over 10 million times. However, it’s unclear who is behind the app.

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