What News Do We Learn About Rebecca Nurse?

What fresh information about Rebecca Nurse does the audience learn? Rebecca Nurse was found guilty. 3. What does Reverend Parris accuse John of when he comes in court with Mary Warren?

Similarly, What has happened to Rebecca Nurse in Act 3?

What fresh information do we have about Rebecca Nurse? That morning, Rebecca was sentenced to be hanged. What charge does Reverend Parris make when John Proctor and Mary Warren appear in court? Danforth, according to Parris, should be wary of Proctor.

Also, it is asked, What happens to the people who signed the petition stating the good character of Rebecca Nurse Elizabeth Proctor and Martha Corey?

What will happen to the 91 witnesses who signed the testament endorsing Elizabeth, Martha Corey, and Rebecca Nurse? They’re all going to be arrested and interrogated. There will be no damage if you are good.

Secondly, What news does Giles Corey reveal to the Proctors and Reverend Hale What has Rebecca Nurse been accused of why has Martha Corey been accused?

What charge does Giles Corey make in the first act? Thomas Putnam is accused by Giles Corey of murdering his neighbors in order to get property. What fresh information do we have about Rebecca Nurse? She was sentenced to death after being accused of witchcraft.

Also, What news does the viewer learn about Rebecca Nurse Act 3?

What fresh information about Rebecca Nurse does the audience learn? Rebecca Nurse was found guilty. 3. What does Reverend Parris accuse John of when he comes in court with Mary Warren?

People also ask, Is Rebecca Nurse in Act 2?

In Acts 2 and 3, Rebecca does not present onstage, but we discover key details about her through other characters. The Proctors (and the audience) are informed by Giles Corey in Act 2 that Rebecca has been accused with witchcraft (p. 67).

Related Questions and Answers

Why has Reverend Hale returned to Salem?

Hale returns to Salem in order to persuade the convicted witches to confess to their crimes. He does it because he believes he is to blame for the miscarriage of justice that has brought them to this point.

What happens to John Proctor Martha Corey and Rebecca Nurse?

The Crucible’s Deaths The deaths of Martha Corey, Rebecca Nurse, and John Proctor had a terrible impact on the accused and society since they were well-liked and respected in town, yet the court nonetheless hung them.

Who orders warrants drawn for all of the people who signed the testament?

Justice Danforth then orders Cheever to have “arrest warrants for examination” made up for all 91 persons who signed the testament.

Why does Elizabeth kick Abigail out of her house prior to the beginning of the play?

Reverend Parris’ niece Abigail Williams. Abigail was originally the Proctor household’s servant, but Elizabeth Proctor sacked her after discovering Abigail’s adultery with her husband, John Proctor.

What has Rebecca Nurse been accused of in the crucible?

Why has Rebecca Nurse been accused of being a witch? “The magnificent and magical murder of Goody Putnam’s kids” is attributed to Rebecca Nurse. Mrs. Putnam is seeking an explanation for the deaths of many of her kids.

What has Rebecca Nurse been accused of why has Martha Corey been accused?

Rebecca Nurse is charged with murder. What makes Martha Corey a suspect? Walcott suspected Martha Corey of taking the money and giving it to her while also killing his pig.

What news does Giles Corey reveal to the Reverend Hale?

Giles Corey discloses to Reverend Hale in The Crucible that his wife reads “weird novels” that create “prayer halt.” Giles.

How does Elizabeth’s testimony backfire?

What are the consequences of Elizabeth’s testimony? Proctor admits to adultery with Abigail Williams in an attempt to discredit Abigail Williams and undermine the court’s absolute conviction in her reliability as the principal witness in the witch trials.

What is Hale’s reaction to the events of Act III?

Both of their circumstances are rejected by Hale at the conclusion of Act III (so analyze his thoughts and conduct earlier.) “Do what is right, and nothing bad will happen to you.” Proctor is the only one who is honest, and his good intentions have backfired.

What does Rebecca suggest is the reason for Betty’s delirium?

Betty’s madness, according to Rebecca, is the result of an over-stimulated juvenile outburst.

What is Rebecca Nurse’s reaction to John’s confession?

Rebecca Nurse hears Proctor confess to witchcraft vocally. Proctor’s actions astound her, and she refuses to admit to witchcraft. When Proctor discovers that the confession will be posted on the church door, he writes his name to it but burns it.

What does Rebecca Nurse symbolize?

In the Crucible, what does Rebecca Nurse represent? In the drama, Rebecca Nurse symbolizes excellent character and a good reputation. She avoids the panic that has gripped the town.

What are the putnams feelings about Rebecca Nurse’s Family?

What does Putnam think of Rebecca? Why? Rebecca, she believes, is to blame for her kids’ deaths, which she believes were caused by otherworldly forces. She is also envious of Rebecca’s large family of children and grandkids.

Has Hale ever found a witch The Crucible?

Has Hale ever tracked down a witch? He didn’t do it. But he believed he did.

Why do the authorities allow Elizabeth to talk to John?

Danforth lets Elizabeth communicate with John in the hopes of persuading him to confess. Her attitude toward him has shifted. She ignores Hale’s advise because she prefers John to do what he believes is right.

What does Hale mean when he says there is blood on my head?

When Reverend Hale declares, “There is blood on my head!” what exactly does he mean? On page 131, Hale states that he feels responsible for the prisoners he condemned to death while serving on the court. He feels bad since he now knows Abigail is a lie that Salem is devoid of witches (Miller 131).

What do Rebecca Nurse Martha Corey and Proctor prove at the end when they say the Lord’s Prayer?

When Rebecca Nurse, Martha Corey, and John Proctor recite the Lord’s prayer at the conclusion, what do they prove? They sought to show they weren’t witches by saying the Lord’s Prayer, something witches are unable to do.

Does Abigail threaten Danforth?

What danger does Abigail pose to Danforth? Danforth is reminded that he is not exempt from the Devil’s society and that he, too, may be blamed.

Why does Giles Corey say I have broken charity with the woman?

Giles Corey has been married a number of times. A Salem farmer has been married three times. When he spoke about Martha, he accidentally gave the court grounds to accuse her of being a witch, he claims.

What happens to John Proctor at the end of the act?

After signing and then ripping up his confession, John Proctor proclaims that he cannot risk his good reputation by lying, even if it means saving his life. He makes the decision to die. Rev. As John is brought away to be executed,

Who accuses John Proctor of witchcraft?

Proctor was accused of practicing witchcraft by Mary Warren, a twenty-year-old woman servant at the Proctor mansion who would subsequently be labeled as a witch. Some reports claim that when Mary initially suffered fits, Proctor would beat her out of them because he thought they were false.

Why can’t Mary faint when asked by the court?

Mary Warren’s claim that she is now speaking the truth is not believed by the court. Why can’t Mary faint when the court asks? She must get swept up in the thrill in order to pull off the act.

What does Elizabeth mean when she says the noose is up?

When Elizabeth screams, “Oh, the noose, the noose is up!” what exactly does she mean? She has finally been charged, and she will perish. What exactly does Elizabeth want John to accomplish while he’s in town? If he does this, what will everyone learn? Inform Abigail that she is lying.

Why did John Proctor sleep with Abigail?

Abigail sleeps with John Proctor because she wants to, regardless of his marital status. She is sad when she is thrown out of the Proctor mansion and sent back to her uncle’s, not because she loves John, but because she has lost her good name.

What is the function of Rebecca Nurse in the play?

What role does Rebecca Nurse perform in the play? Rebecca is a voice of common sense and reason. She thinks the girls will become tired of their “game” and that they are in a “fun season” – she thinks the girls are going through a stage.


In the “what news do we learn about rebecca nurse? act 3” of Shakespeare’s Hamlet, there is a scene where the king and queen are discussing what has been going on with Rebecca Nurse. They discuss how she was taken in for questioning, but then released. This scene could be found in Act Three, Scene One.

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