What Are the Floors in the Tech Building Used For?

The Tech Building is home to many of the University’s technical programs. The upper floors are used for classrooms and offices, while the lower floors are devoted to laboratories and other hands-on learning spaces.

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The Tech Building is a five-story building that houses the offices of the dean, faculty, and staff of the School of Engineering and Computer Science. The ground floor contains the lobbies, stairs, and elevators. The first, second, and third floors contain offices, classrooms, and conference rooms. The fourth floor contains the computer labs.

The Tech Building

The Tech Building is a four-story building that houses the Computer Science, Information Systems, and Mathematics departments. The bottom floor of the Tech Building has classrooms and labs, while the rest of the floors are offices for faculty and staff.

The Main Floor

The main floor of the Tech building is where you will find the offices of tech support and the help desk. This is also where you will find many of the classrooms and labs. The main floor also has a few small conference rooms that can be used for meetings or studying.

The Second Floor

The second floor of the Tech Building is home to the Registrar’s Office, the Admissions Office, and the Financial Aid Office.

The Third Floor

The third floor of the Tech building is home to the computer science and engineering programs. There are several large classrooms on this floor, as well as several smaller seminar rooms and tutor rooms. The Tutor Center for these programs is also located on the third floor. In addition, there are faculty offices for both departments on this floor.

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The Fourth Floor

The fourth floor of the Tech Building is home to the Department of Computer Science and the software engineering program. The department has offices, classrooms, and several computer labs, including a virtual reality lab. The software engineering program also has offices and classrooms on this floor.

The Fifth Floor

The fifth floor of the Tech building is used for a variety of things. There are classrooms, seminar rooms, and offices. The majority of the fifth floor is made up of open space for students to use as study space or to collaborate on projects.

The Sixth Floor

The Sixth Floor is home to the Computer Science and Electrical Engineering departments. In addition to offices and classrooms, there are also several labs on this floor.

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