How Long Does it Take to Become a Radiology Tech?

If you’re considering a career in radiology, you may be wondering how long it will take to complete the necessary training. In this blog post, we’ll break down the steps you’ll need to take to become a radiology tech, as well as give you an estimate of how long each step will take.

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Radiologic technologists, also called radiographers, perform diagnostic imaging examinations, such as x-rays, on patients. Diagnostic imaging is used to help physicians diagnose and treat medical conditions. Radiologic technologists operating x-ray equipment must follow physician orders and maintain patient safety protocols. They also maintain the x-ray equipment and quality control of images. Some radiologic technologists specialize in other diagnostic imaging modalities, such as computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), nuclear medicine, and ultrasound.

How Long is Radiology Tech School?

Radiology tech school can last anywhere from two to four years, depending on the type of program you choose. If you attend a two-year program, you will earn an associate’s degree. If you attend a four-year program, you will earn a bachelor’s degree. There are also certificate programs available that can last anywhere from six months to a year.

Associate’s Degree

How long does it take to become a radiologic technician? That depends on which type of program you choose.

If you opt for a traditional two-year associate’s degree in radiologic technology, you can expect to spend around four years in school. This is because most associate’s programs require students to complete general education courses in addition to their core radiologic tech classes.

For those who are interested in a more accelerated track, there are also many excellent one-year certificate programs available. These programs usually don’t include any general education coursework, so students can focus solely on the radiologic technology curriculum. Once you’ve completed a certificate program, you’ll be eligible to take the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) exam and earn your credentials as a certified technologist.

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Finally, there are also bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in radiologic science for those who wish to pursue advanced careers in the field. These four-year and six-year programs typically lead to positions such as radiology manager or educator.

Bachelor’s Degree

A bachelor’s degree in radiology typically takes four years to complete, although some programs may take up to five years.


To become a certified radiologic technologist, you must graduate from an accredited radiology tech school and pass an examination administered by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT). Typically, it takes about two years to complete a radiology tech program and earn certification.

After completing an accredited radiology technology program, graduates must pass the ARRT examination in order to become certified and eligible to apply for state licensure. Certification through the ARRT is recognized in all 50 states as well as Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. Most states also require licensure, which generally entails passing an additional exam.

How to Choose the Right Program

If you’re interested in becoming a radiology tech, you might be wondering how long it will take to complete the training. The answer to this question depends on a few factors, such as the type of program you choose and whether you attend full- or part-time. We’ll go over all the factors you need to consider to make an informed decision about your radiology tech training.

Consider Your Career Goals

When you’re looking at radiology tech programs, it’s important to keep your future goals in mind. think about the type of radiology tech you want to be. There are many different specialties within the field, from diagnostic imaging to radiation therapy.

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You should also consider the job market in your area. If you’re looking for a job as a radiologist, you may have better luck in an urban area with a large hospital. But if you want to work in a small town or rural area, you may have more options if you’re willing to work as a generalist who can do many different types of imaging procedures.

Finally, think about the type of environment you want to work in. Do you want to be in a hospital or clinic? Do you want to work with adults or children? Each setting has its own unique challenges and rewards, so it’s important to choose an program that will prepare you for the type of job you want.

Consider the Length of the Program

The length of the radiologic technology program you choose is an important factor to consider.

Radiologic technology programs vary in length from 18 months to four years, depending on whether you pursue an associates degree, bachelors degree or certificate. Programs that offer an associates degree or certificate typically take two years or less to complete, while a bachelors degree program will take four years.

Choosing a longer program may not be ideal if youre looking to enter the workforce as quickly as possible, but it can offer additional benefits. For example, pursuing a bachelors degree may make you eligible for management positions or help you qualify for certain positions in specialized areas of radiology such as computed tomography (CT) scanning or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

Ultimately, the decision of how long to spend in school depends on your career goals and whether youre willing to make a long-term investment in your education.

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Consider the Cost of the Program

The cost of attending a Radiology Tech program can vary widely. Private schools tend to be the most expensive, while public two-year colleges are usually the least expensive option. There are also many financial aid options available to help offset the cost of tuition and other expenses.

When considering the cost of a Radiology Tech program, be sure to factor in the cost of living in the city where the school is located. The cost of living can vary considerably from one city to another, so it’s important to choose a location that you can afford.

Additionally, most Radiology Tech programs require students to complete clinical rotations as part of their training. While some schools may offer on-campus housing for students during their clinical rotations, others may not. Be sure to inquire about housing options before enrolling in a Radiology Tech program.


It typically takes two to four years to complete a radiologic technology program and become a radiology tech. Some programs offer an accelerated track that allows students to complete their studies in as little as 18 months. After completing a program, students must then pass an exam administered by the American Registry of Radiologic Technicians (ARRT) to earn certification.

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