Does Penn Tech Have Online Degrees?

You may be wondering if Penn Tech offers any online degrees. The answer is yes! We offer a variety of online degrees that can be completed entirely online.

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About Penn Tech

Established in 1854, Pennsylvania Technical Institute is a special mission institution of higher learning that provides quality technical education and training. The institute is approved by the Pennsylvania State Board of Education and is accredited by the Commission on Higher Education of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.

What is Penn Tech?

Penn Foster College, also known as Penn Tech, is an online for-profit college headquartered in Scranton, Pennsylvania. It specializes in career-oriented diploma and degree programs in the fields of business, technology, trades, and healthcare. The college is owned by the publicly traded company Zenith Education Group.

What is the history of Penn Tech?

Penn Tech was founded in 1894 as the Pennsylvania School of Industrial Arts. It was created to provide training in the trades for the children of working families in Philadelphia. In its early years, the school offered courses in subjects such as carpentry, metalworking, and textile design.

In 1902, the school relocated to a campus in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. In 1916, it was renamed the Pennsylvania State Technical Institute. In 1967, it became part of the Pennsylvania State University system and was renamed Pennsylvania State University at Penn College.

Today, Penn Tech offers associate’s and bachelor’s degrees in a variety of technical and professional fields. The school has an enrollment of approximately 6,000 students.

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Online Degrees Offered

Penn Tech offers online degrees in various majors such as business, computer science, engineering, and more. You can complete your degree entirely online without having to step foot on campus. This can be a great option for busy adults who want to further their education but can’t commit to traditional brick-and-mortar schooling.

What online degrees are offered?

Penn Tech currently offers a variety of online degrees, including but not limited to: Associate of Arts in Business Administration, Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity, and Master of Science in Information Systems.

What are the requirements for each degree?

In order to apply for an online degree at Penn Tech, you must first meet the requirements for admission. These requirements vary by degree, but generally include having a high school diploma or GED equivalency, as well as passing any required entrance exams. Once you have met the requirements for admission, you can then begin the process of applying for an online degree.

How to Enroll

To enroll in a Penn Tech online degree program, visit the degree programs page on the Penn Tech website and select the program you are interested in. Next, select the ‘Apply Now’ button and follow the instructions to create an account and start your application.

How do I enroll in an online degree program?

Enrolling in an online degree program is simple. You can apply online by filling out the application form and attaching the required documents, or you can call the admissions office to request an application form.

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If you are a international student, you will need to complete additional steps, such as taking an English proficiency test and submitting a copy of your passport. For more information, please visit the International Students page.

What is the tuition for an online degree?

The tuition for an online degree from Penn Tech varies depending on the program you choose. Associate’s degree programs cost $59 per credit, while bachelor’s and master’s programs cost $69 per credit.


After extensive research, we have found that Penn Tech does not offer online degrees.

Why should I enroll in an online degree from Penn Tech?

There are many reasons to enroll in an online degree from Penn Tech. Our online degrees are accredited, meaning that they have been evaluated and meet the standards set by the US Department of Education. This means that our degrees will be recognized by other schools and employers as being of high quality.

Another reason to enroll in an online degree from Penn Tech is that our programs are flexible and affordable. You can take courses at your own pace, and you will only pay for the courses that you take. We also offer financial aid for those who qualify, so that you can get the education you need without going into debt.

Finally, our online degrees offer you the opportunity to pursue a career in a field that you are passionate about. With our wide range of programs, you can find a degree that will help you launch the career of your dreams.

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What are the benefits of an online degree from Penn Tech?

An online degree from Penn Tech can offer students a number of benefits, including the ability to learn at their own pace, the convenience of not having to commute to campus, and the flexibility to take classes around their work or other commitments. Online students also have access to the same excellent faculty and resources as on-campus students.

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